Friday, June 29, 2012

Shock of a lifetime

Introducing today's Geezer: Alice Dinizo

That I have reached geezer age is  a shock. I remember thinking that 25 was a really old age. But then, that was years ago! Oh well.
In my dotage, I am a published author and often think I'm the senior citizen of the New Jersey Author Network to which I belong. Hey, I am the senior citizen member, like it or lump it. 
 We are in our golden years and most of us laugh about the word "golden". We have aches, pains, memory loss, death of family and friends and wonder what is golden about that. Guess "golden" refers to autumn colors or, bluntly, the autumn of our lives. Well, in my autumn, I plan on writing, giving to others, volunteering for causes like animal welfare that I love. The day I sit on my deck and gossip is a day I don't plan on facing.
  Any of you geezer guys or gals out there have a better definition of "golden", please let me know. I will send you pdfs of my latest story,Up from Down and Out as a thank you. Happy week,  Alice D

P.S. I write under my cat's name, J.B., as I don't want phone calls about my books. If I get any, "J.B. can't come to the phone but thanks for calling anyway".

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