Friday, November 30, 2012

Did Yogi Like Yogurt

By H. Kirk Rainer

Though Yoga may not have been routine (referring to my article in September), Yogi could have made the healthy choice of eating Yogurt.

Consider possible places or sources (for Yogurt) in or near Jellystone Park

> Dairy farm—where yogurt is fast fermenting...

> Convenience or grocery store (in the frozen foods section)

> Ice-cream parlor or malt shop (assuming such places were ahead of their time)

> Picnic baskets (metal or Styrofoam coolers usually stocked with 6 oz. Coca-colas, Dr. Peppers, 7-Up, Nehi, etc.)  

> Ranger’s refrigerator (next to the glass bottle of milk)

Yogi would have been selective; not all flavors would satisfy such a particular palate, so distinguished a diet (though typically, Yogi was as hungry as a bear). 

Plain yogurt could not have cut-it without some all-purpose honey; and as to the flavored varieties of yogurt, consider possible combinations:  

> As a dip, fruit-flavored yogurt might go well with a SCOOBY-snack (if Yogi was like Shaggy—who coincidentally suffered from the munchies)    

> As a desert...after wolfing-down the main course (such as yesterday’s WIMPY-burger or today’s KRUSTY-KRAB cake)

> As an doubling of the basic supplement of daily vitamins found in such cereal as TRIX (though Yogi may not have ventured down that rabbit hole)

Yogi would have liked Yogurt (given that he was “smarter than the average bear”). Yet, finding such a variety of dietary delights, or cultures, could have been more than a challenge in the vicinity of Jellystone Park, a culture of the 1950’s.


As of June 2010, H. Kirk Rainer has written and published two books:  

·         A Once and Always Father - is a dedication to his kids; the content expresses a husband and father’s perspectives on marriage and family, courtships and courts, custody and criminalization; and what has happened with the taking of the time-honored treasures of marriage from that of a contract to the present “relationship of convenience”; and all along, addressing the plight of a parent through family law—in the context, conditions and consequences of uncontested divorce, victim’s rights, and court conduct. 

·         A FATHER AND FUTURE FELON - is loosely based on twelve letters—written from jail—the book is a dedication to fathers and to those who fit similar roles and responsibility.  Drawing from the works of Saint Augustine, the Bible, historical and other-subject resources; each chapter offers alliteration on fatherhood—in a physical setting of St. John’s County (FL) and other detainees that he generally categorizes as “Fellows/Fathers”.

These publications are available at the St. Johns Public Library; e-versions of the books are available at

H. Kirk Rainer is an engineer with over twenty years of experience primarily in aerospace and defense.  Having master’s degrees in aeronautical science (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) and industrial engineering (University of Central Florida), Kirk’s most recent accomplishments have been in program planning and scheduling for such companies at Northrop-Grumman, Honeywell, and General Dynamics.  In and through these experiences, he has acquired related certifications with the American Society of Quality (ASQ), University of West Florida (UWF), Project Management Institute (PMI), and the Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA). 

While he been able to continue his profession (in some degree), H. Kirk Rainer has also been embroiled in the never ending consequences of no-fault divorce and parental alienation— the details of which are reflected in his books, Websites (,, and other developments. Support organizations include:   American Coalition for Fathers and Children (; Alabama Family Rights Association (; Protect Fathers' Right (; National Father Initiative (; Institute for American Values (; and the Florida International University (FIU), "The State of Fatherhood" research.     


grholton said...

Smarter than the average bear is right... and so is the author of this blog entry... Bravo!!!

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