Friday, June 15, 2012

Half of 2012 is nearly behind us!   

I remember when days used to drag on. Life was simple. Summer lasted forever and I was bored enough to want to start school again. An age when I dreamt of being married, having children, traveling the world, writing a book or two…

Goals that I’ve accomplished and looking back it only took a blink of an eye.

For thirty-two years I’ve been married, have five children, two grandchildren, zillions of cherished memories of family vacations and even a couple book contracts!
These days, I try not to look too far in the future, as I have learned not to miss the blessings that each day brings.

Like today, as my husband and I spent some time with his aunt’s home in Sequin, Texas. What a blessing to listen to her reminisce of years gone by. Eighty years of history woven in love.
Later we made our way back to our daughter and son-in-law’s in Dallas with our grandson in tow. A six hour road trip conversing with and viewing life through the eyes of a two-year old! Another blessing that shouldn’t be missed.

As I grow older I still have dreams and make plans for the future, but even more so I work hard to reap the blessings of each day and make more precious memories.
Tomorrow will arrive soon enough, so today be Blessed!

Mary Annslee Urban makes her home in Waxhaw, NC. She and her husband have five children, two grandchildren, two dogs and three cats. When not writing, Mary works part-time as a Registered Nurse, loves to travel, cook and spend time with family.
Mary has written for been a freelance writer for several newspapers in her area, contributed to magazines and devotional publications. Her first book, Tapestry ofTrust, published by Pelican Book Group, has a release date of June 15. Her second book, She Came To See The Snow~A Colorado Christmas Romance, will be out this winter. Her novels are available through, Barnes and, Pelican Book and other online retailers.

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TNeal said...

Mary, I just read your post and enjoyed our common Texas connection. In this case, Seguin. My youngest brother and his family lived there for quite a number of years. My folks also moved there to be close to good medical facilities (brother Bill and his wife Cindy are both medical doctors). I enjoyed walking around Seguin when I visited my folks.

Good to read your first post here (of course neither of us belong here :-) ).