Monday, May 6, 2013


By Carol Howell 
I love pretty things.  Making my house beautiful is something I totally enjoy.  When I can sit in my chair, look at my surroundings and smile, well, then I am a happy camper.

This is a picture of my kitchen counter.  All the components came together quite by accident.  The mirror and large plate in the background are always part of my kitchen.  I like the way the mirror reflects the back of the plate.  The basket holds fruit and vegetables – a necessary parts of my plant based eating lifestyle.  All the components make for an attractive scene.

When your loved one moves to an assisted living, enhanced care facility, group home, or memory care environment, make their new home pretty.  Decorate the walls with the pictures they enjoy.  (Hint – If they spend their days in a wheelchair, hang those pictures at their eye level.)  Bring their favorite bedspread or blanket.  Include draperies, that old recliner they enjoy, and even ask if their pet is allowed to join them.

Turning this new living environment into “home” starts with making it pretty.  Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.  

Carol Howell is a Certified Dementia Specialist and Music Therapy Coach.  Her book - If My Body Is A Temple, Why Am I Eating Doughnuts? - is available for e-readers at and .  Her latest book, LET'S TALK DEMENTIA - A Caregiver's Guide is a help for those peripherally affected by dementia, written with her characteristic humor. Contact her at or read more at   


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