Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Apple Pie Theory of Life

By Tom Blubaugh

It starts with Thanksgiving. Thanks? Well, that, but not only that. Family? Yes, family for sure, but not only thanks and family? What then?

Food! Yes food—tasty food like fresh baked rolls and candied yams,
Mashed potatoes with thick gravy served with juicy ham,
Brown Butterball turkey, cornbread stuffing and cranberry on the side,
Cheese balls and crackers along with soup – I ate so much I nearly died,
And then we got down to the serious stuff, you know what I mean,
Pumpkin pie and apple cobbler with a few cookies in between.

On the serious side, this is the time of year when the whole country moves into a frenzy of shopping days—Gray Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. I agree, it’s good for the economy, maybe not so good for our budgets. The last sixty days of the year are chaotic.

Let’s take a break from it all and look at life.

Do you like sugar?  How about a cup of it all at once?  Would you like to eat a half cup of all purpose flour?  I like apples but would I like eating six cups of thinly sliced, peeled cooking apples (2 pounds)?  Or 1/4 cup of butter?  I think not!
These are all ingredients of apple pie.  When you take these ingredients plus cinnamon, ginger, mace—put them in a pan and place it an oven for about an hour at 375°, you get an apple pie.  Hot!  Yummy!

This is a good illustration of life.  There are some good things but too much of a good thing isn't appetizing or healthy.  Some things are bad and hard to digest.  Unappetizing.  But when God takes them, mixes them together, applies the right temperature for the right amount of time it produces life.  Sweet.  Tasty.  Enjoyable.

Take a look at Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose".  I see apple pie when I read this verse. 

Tom Blubaugh, Author of Night of the Cossack and other works

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Jessica Nelson said...

Such a true post. :-)

tomynate said...

Thank you, Jessica. Happy New Year. Blessings, Tom.

jude urbanski said...

Tom, liked your post and your analogy. An editor told me too many subplots is like a cake with too much frosting. But now I do like apple pie.