Monday, February 8, 2010


“The Celts define a thin place as a place where heaven and the physical world collide, one of those serendipitous territories where eternity and the mundane meet. Thin describes the membrane between the two worlds, like a piece of vellum, where we see a holy glimpse of the eternal—not in digital clarity, but clear enough to discern what lies beyond.”

And so the author describes the concept behind her memoir, Thin Places, where she takes the reader inside those events and times of her life, a series of thin places where God has come near. From the times of her earliest memories to even the present breath she breathes, God has proven himself, revealed himself over and over again in these thin places in the author’s life.

Written with painful honesty, Mary DeMuth brings the reader on an emotional journey as she honestly shares not only the deep areas of her life that brought her guilt, shame, and pain; but how God met her through those “thin places.”

Rarely does a book come along that brings home the true nature of God’s healing and presence through those narrow passages in our lives when we feel abandoned, scorned, or dirtied. This is one such book. This reviewer gives it a whopping five stars, wishing the scale would let me go higher. I highly recommend, Thin Places.

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