Friday, August 15, 2014

What’s In a Name?

Sherry Carter's first bible study "Storms of Life" won the Award of Excellence in Christian Literature at the 2007 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.
For several years, she worked as an engineer in NASA’s Shuttle Program. After a series of agonizing crises, culminating in a layoff, God brought about an abrupt career change: Sherry, the engineer, became Sherry the Christian author.
She lives with her husband in west Texas. They have two daughters and two perfect grandchildren.

 Have you ever tried to agree on a name?

Even naming our pets can be an issue!

Watch someone who’s getting ready to have a baby.

The parents, with a great amount of outside help, scour the earth for a suitable name for the most precious baby ever born.

No page in a baby-name book is left unturned.

There are arguments over which traditional family name will be used.

Obviously names are important.

If you’re a man, you’ve probably heard, “You’re carrying on our family name – do it proud.”

Teenage girls look up the meanings for their names and brag if their names have a royal meaning.

When I was in high school, I knew a guy named George.

For some reason, I had preconceived ideas about the name George.

Poor guy didn’t have a chance.

Now I have a friend named Bubba.

Admit it, stereotypes come to mind, don’t they?

We’ve all got names.

First names, middle names, last names.

Mother, father, names that reflect our beliefs, names that represent our occupations.

Your personality, your character, your beliefs are all tied up in your names.

I heard R.C. Spruill tell this story several years ago and it’s stayed in my mind.

During a military operation, when enemy troops crept around a camp in the darkness, a young, inexperienced guard hid.

When found, the captain dragged him before the commander, Alexander the Great.

He insisted that the soldier be executed for his cowardice.

Alexander told the captain to leave and sat, looking at the young man.

After a moment, he asked the soldier his name.

“Alexander,” he whispered.

Alexander the Great said, “Young man, either change your behavior or change your name.”

Then, with grace and mercy, he told the soldier to return to duty.

We all carry many names.

How do our lives reflect on these names?

What does our behavior say about the value we give to those names?

When people learn that you’re a Christian, do they nod or act surprised?

When someone learns that you’re a doctor, do they recognize your care and skill?

As parents, does everyone see how deeply you love your children and how committed you are to raising them to have values and a sense of responsibility?

At the end of the day, did your life reflect your names?

Photo Credit: Best Baby Name Book
What's in a name?  Nicole Singer





Sherry Carter said...

Thanks for the opportunity to post!

Audrey said...

I enjoyed this post very much. It gave me something to think about, and that's always a good thing to do!

Sherry Carter said...

I'm glad it impressed you. Thanks for stopping by!

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