Friday, June 13, 2014

Collecting Mania

What do music boxes, quotes, angels and mugs have in common?

They’re all collected by a person who loves to enjoy them. It’s a mania. Of sorts.

Not that I’m a hoarder, but I’ve always loved to collect things, and I do have collections that have given me pleasure through the years and as a side note, have been lots of fun.

Take the quotes, for an example. They are short, pithy, and pack a wallop of information. They’re well suited to add to the end (or beginning) of a devotional, a guest post, or really, any type of post you want to share. They can be uplifting. They can deliver a punch. They can be hilariously funny yet get your point across. They can be serious giving the hearer/reader some valued thoughts for days to come.

The mugs and music boxes I kind of fell into, in a manner of speaking. We’ve traveled so much through the years, and thinking I needed to buy something for a memorable keepsake, I began gathering mugs from various places, states and countries. Fun for a time.

The music box collection began slowly. Then sometime in my twenties it exploded into a maddening gathering of any and all. Friends and family added to the collection. I didn’t have to particularly “love” the thing; it was just another one to add to the growing number.

After gathering over a hundred, I realized I no longer desired that feverish activity. Slowly I dissolved into a collector who was (is) wiser and choosier. Only those boxes that truly attract my attention, are old, or interesting in some way, are worthy of my cabinets now.

Am I over my mania? Of course not. A true collector maniac never heals from the “disease.” Will I ever begin seriously collecting another item? Doubtful. I'm at the stage where simple/fewer/easier is at the top of
my lists.

But I am doing one thing beneficial :): I’m passing that mania down to my grandsons. Grandson #1 is already showing the signs of “antiquing mania.”

Getting that trait honestly, I’d say!

Question: What do YOU collect?

Carole Brown lives in Southeast Ohio and is always on the lookout for catchy titles and suspenseful plots. The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, her debut inspirational novel, is a Selah Award Finalist and a ACFW Genesis semi-finalist. The first book, Hog Insane, in her cozy mystery book  series, has recently been released. A companion book for her debut novel (West Virginia Scrapbook: From the Life of Caralynne Hayman), filled with quotes, tidbits of information, recipes and discussion questions, is also available.  She has written five children’s books, Racy, the Rabbit, dealing with character traits, and won two awards for her poems.

Carole has written her whole life as newspaper reporter, editor of journals and newsletters, and research manuscripts. When not penning her own novels, she enjoys mentoring beginning writers and founded a writer’s group called Circle of Pens where she can mentor to her heart’s content. Her passion for serving continues in her secretarial work and coordinator for the state of Ohio with ACFW. 

She and her husband have traveled extensively throughout the United States ministering and counseling. They have particularly enjoyed the western states where they’ve labored with the Native Americans and many other specific places where she gathers folder for her writings. They continue to enjoy traveling, their grandsons, the country life and city lights, gardens, and good food.

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Sherry Carter said...

I collect nativity sets and scenes. Pillows, pictures, a throw, and about 35 actual sets. Teddy bear, snowmen, and lots of more traditional ones. I've got so many now, it's hard to find something unique.

My husband doesn't understand. 😃

Patti Shene said...

Carole, I enjoyed your post.

I also like to collect quotes and I have quite a few coffee mugs that represent different places or events.

My biggest collection, though, is of Gunsmoke memorabilia and other western stuff, such as ceramic boots and cowboy hats, etc.

However, the older I get, the more I lean toward scaling down on the stuff I have around here rather than adding to it!

Claude Nougat said...

Carole, grat post, thanks for sharing...Yes, one does go through phases, first, a rabid, maniacal burst of collecting then followed by a more thoughtful approach...

Like you, I'm down to my thoughtful stage, collecting photos...but still not in a professional way. Still haphazard, I'm afraid. Perhaps that's the way my whole life is going anyway, grin, more fun that way, you can never predict what comes next!

Donna B said...

I haphazardly collect things that catch my attention, not seriously collections of any one thing...well, except books...but my collections become clutter and then annoy me, so I try not to collect anything anymore!

Caroline said...

Lol, Claude, I'm afraid I have to admit to haphazard too. I do make lists, which helps, but you should see my desk right now. Groan!

Caroline said...

Yeah, sometimes "clutter" can get annoying, Donna, so I try to keep it tucked away neatly (my collections) where they can be seen (like the music boxes) but not need a lot of attention (like dusting only once a year!)

Caroline said...

Wow, Sherry, my friend, you're worse than I am! Lol. Still, as long as you enjoy them, that's great. I'd love to see more of your nativity set pics! Share?

Caroline said...

Patti, I'd love to see some pics of your gunsmoke stuff. Interesting! I think it'd be a great idea for all collectors (dust bunnies, included!) to share their hobbies. Too boring? or not?