Friday, September 6, 2013

Can Boo and Doo Drag the Net?

By H. Kirk Rainer

So while Yogi may yearn (referring to the last article announcing Yogi’s retirement from a life of petty, picnic snatching), Boo and Doo team-up to do their own version of Dragnet.     

On a case involving an alleged well-stocked kitchen.

“Just the facts mam; oh, and something to eat.”
“Say, aren’t you the comic figures that use to – ”.
“We’re detectives, mam; hungry detectives.”
“But you remind me of – “.
“Never mind the similarities mam; just food and facts. Got it?”
“Okay officers – “.
“We’re not officers mam—just hungry detectives.”
“Okay officers—I mean detectves—let me see what I have in the kitchen.” 
“Now your talk’en mam. Can we come along?” 
“Do you have a search warrant?”
“No we don’t; we’re private detectives.”
“Well, come on in boys; ah, I mean bears, dogs—whatever.”

Arriving in the kitchen—a place that is central to the case. 
“Now there’s a term I haven’t heard  in a long time. Are you detectives hip?” 
“Well, not any more; it is from the past when I did a gig with a dude named Shaggy.” 
“Was Shaggy a dog like you?” 
“It just so happens that there was a dog named Shaggy. But no, this guy was a dude.” 
“That’s nice.  Please don’t get me wrong, I like animals; especially the kind that act like us.” 
“So you only like domesticated animals?” 
“Well little bear with the bowtie, I like wild animals as long as they’re not too wild.”
“Oh, I am very domesticated; enough to be acceptable on Saturday morning TV in the early years.  Slap a tie on me and I am –“.
“As hungry as a bear?” 
“How did you guess?” 

H. Kirk Rainer was born in Atlanta Georgia, on June 16, 1961; at the present, and for the foreseeable future, he has made his home in Alabama. 

At this time in his life, Kirk is busy in the general direction of writing; both in training and in practicing this new found endeavor.   At the same time, he continues to ply his skills and education as an industrial engineer.

His writing is largely a reflection of his own experience through post-divorce and non-custodial life (around year 2000). To this purpose, he has gained much support and understanding from such organizations as:  the American Coalition for Fathers and Children (; Alabama Family Rights Association (; Protect Fathers' Right (; and allied resources.

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