Friday, June 21, 2013

Slow Weight Loss Best Way to Go

By Gr. Holton

Here I am back at Geezers and Gals. What do I talk about? I could tell you about the wakeup call I got with some heart issues last month, but I don’t want a lot of comments about hanging in there and to get well. Instead I want to encourage others that are in my predicament.
You see I just turned 51 and have put on a lot of weight and I am sure that there are many out there that have put on a few more pounds as they have gotten older. Now I have done a lot of reading up on different diets and fads and found one thing to be true. Fads don’t work. There are many that will take off weight very quickly… bad move! Here is what I am doing and just maybe it will help someone out there also. BUT before you start any regimen please talk to your doctor to make sure it is safe for you.
 The main goal… two to three pounds a week will stay off longer than ten pounds a week.

The first thing I found is control. Portion control is what I am speaking of. Many people like me grew up that leaving food was a bad thing. Now leaving you plate when you are full is very important, but if you start out with the right portions then you are less likely to overeat in the first place. I have found from the dieticians that a deck of cards is your friend. All your portions should be about the size of a deck.
The next big thing is to get some form of exercise. Even if you exercise in your chair you will burn some calories. But a nice slow walk around the neighborhood works great. You don’t have to join a big gym to lose weight.
The bottom line is to stick to your guns. Use three words I love… Faith, Focus, and Patience. It won’t happen in one day.
BTW… I have lost eight pounds in six weeks and keeping going.

Born outside Boston, MA in 1962 G. R. Holton began his writing career only five years ago. After spending many a day playing Facebook, he met a movie director that allowed him to read a few screenplays and from that point on he knew that this was his calling. In his short time as a writer he has won three awards including Best Science Fiction from Books and for his Sci/Fi Horror called, “Deep Screams” for 2011.He is happily married and lives at the foot of the Starr Mountains in Etowah, TN. His mom and step-daughter also share the abode with his Shih-Tzu/Poodle mix named Ewok. G. R. Holton has now written six books. He is also a screenwriter with three optioned movies from his novels and two collaborative works with his producer. All of his works are available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and PDF formats via his website


Caroline said...

Wise advice! And great encouraging blog. I always tell myself: this isn't the last time (hopefully. lol) I'll get to enjoy "whatever". That seems to help too.


jude urbanski said...

GR, you have some great ideas here and I especially like the recommendation to go slowly, but persistently. You're wise to listen to a wake up call. Thanks for the post.