Friday, March 15, 2013


By Carol Howell

Did you know Moses was 80 when God called him to talk to Pharaoh about freeing the Israelites?   

Moses was an old dude, for sure.  

Then God decided to give Moses a break, and He arranged for Aaron to come along and help Moses.  Guess what?  Aaron was 83!  Now I’m not so sure I would consider an 83 year old man to be much of a helper, but we all know God has a sense of humor.

Our pastor used this passage of scripture in Exodus as the text for his sermon this week. 

 Being someone who works with senior citizens every day, and someone who writes about senior citizens in both blog and book format, this little tidbit of information on Moses and Aaron caught my attention.

I think it is one of the ways God reminds us to recognize the benefit senior citizens have in our lives.  

We are often quick to disregard their stories or ideas.  We seem to forget they have knowledge beyond anything we have experienced.  We ignore their education, both formal and informal.

God decided to call on the wisdom Moses had gained in his 80 years on Earth, and He enhanced that wisdom with Aaron and his talents garnered through 83 years of being alive.  If God looks this way on the senior citizens, shouldn’t we?  Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.

Carol Howell is a Certified Dementia Specialist and Music Therapy Coach.  Her book - If My Body Is A Temple, Why Am I Eating Doughnuts? - is available for e-readers at and .  She is currently taking orders for her soon to be released book - Let's Talk Dementia ...With A Splash of Humor.   Contact her at or read more at   


Claude Nougat said...

It certainly does! Thanks for sharing this pearl of wisdom...I agree, our society is systematically focused on youth, on giving importance to what the young think, on looking young. This means that experience is systematically under-rated.

And you know who the big losers are in all this? The young! There's so much they could learn from their elders if only they would stop and listen. But they are told that there's no need to stop, that elders are senile, that elders don't understand the modern world...

Donna B said...

Great post! I am currently dealing with several elder care issues and I gotta tell you, maintaining a sense of humor through it all is the only thing that makes it bearable. I believe God's peace comes in many forms and one of them is definitely laughter!

Carol said...

Claude Nougat, you are so correct. My senior citizens constantly amaze me with their wisdom and delight me with their joy.

Carol said...

Donna B - There are many things of which I am certain. Knowing God has a sense of humor and delights in laughter is one of those things. Be sure to check out my weekly blog posts at for help with your elder care issues.

JoAnn Durgin said...

I, too, know without a doubt our Lord has a great sense of humor. Thanks so much for this wonderful post, Carol. My post is up tomorrow (Monday, 3/18)) on this blog, and in it, I pay tribute to my grandmother. I learned many things from her and my loving memories (most of which I share in my blog post) are fictionalized in the form of the heroine's "Nana" in my debut novel. My uncle read it and said, "I think I recognize that little lady in your book. Well done, JoAnn." It pleased him so much. She made a huge impact on my life and I treasure the memories she left with me...and all the love. Many blessings.

Carol said...

Thanks for reading, JoAnn Durgin. I can't wait to read your blog. I love listening to the stories my senior citizens tell. You are fortunate to have documented some of the stories from your grandmother. I wish you great success! Carol Howell