Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting Older Has Its Advantages

~Getting Older Has Its Advantages~

 By: Author Mary Annslee Urban

When I was young I used to love to listen to my grandparents talk about years of old. Times when they were young, living in a small Italian town in Illinois. Neither of their parents spoke English and memories they shared sounded cozy and simple. They spoke of people I didn’t know, places I hadn’t been and experiences I couldn’t envision.

I often wondered what it would be like to recall things that happened twenty, thirty or forty years before. An odd concept for a child still missing front teeth.

As with most things, a few years and a lot of history took care of that question. I now have the pleasure, of recalling long ago events. Memories that still bring a chuckle or heartwarming tear. Others that incite tears of sorrow and legacies lost. But all in all, memories that have made growing older bearable and fun.

When I was still in a preadolescent state, I dreamed of starting a career, marriage and children, travel and adventure. Now my children are living those dreams for themselves. I’m now making memories with grandchildren involved. Who would have guessed how quickly that day would arrive and with me being so young! :-)

Nonetheless, it is a treat to sit around the table with family and relive adventures. With an airline pilot as a husband, travel has been a big part of our lives. One special memory that continues to resurface: our trip to Alaska. 

We traveled in early June, right before the traditional tourist season. The roads, trails and picnic area weren’t almost desolate. While in Seward, we stayed at an Alaskan style bed and breakfast―a game-room over the garage converted into a bunkhouse.

The family we stayed with worked as a tour guide and teacher. A wealth of knowledge we were blessed to be privy to. One day, on their advice we hiked a trail not listed not known by many. It was supposed to lead to a beautiful lake. So with five kids in tow, we embarked down a three mile path. 

Along the way my husband told a story about someone he’d flown with. The man had hired a guide to take him to the best fishing lake. The guide led him on a hike over a mountain. On the other side, a canoe waited. They got in the canoe and crossed the lake. Then, carrying the canoe they hiked over another mountain and arrived at the most beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains and stocked with fish.

As we crested the hill near the end of our path, my oldest son, Ryan, thirteen at the time, said, “Man,, all we need is a canoe.”

We chuckled as Ryan ran ahead toward the lake. He shouted back. “Look! A canoe.”

Of course, I thought he was kidding. But I caught up with him, and sure enough there was a canoe resting on the banks of the most beautiful lake, surrounded by soaring mountains. But, I said, “There may be a canoe, but not oars.” Ryan tipped up the boat and there sat two oars. I was impressed, yet, I said, “But, there aren’t lifejackets.” My son was never one to give up. He flipped the canoe over and two life jackets appeared.
My first thought was, “No way.” My second, “Thank you, Lord!” 

The rest of the day, as we picnicked along the shore, my husband took turns taking each child out fishing in the well stocked lake. 

A memory worth growing old for!

Mary's newest book is:
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Mary Annslee Urban is an author of Inspirational Romance. Her goal is to write stories that stir the heart about love, honor and God's grace! Her debut book, Tapestry of Trust, White Rose Publishing, was released June 2012. Her second book with White Rose Publishing, She Came to See the Snow~A Colorado Christmas Romance, was released in November 2012.

A Registered Nurse by trade, Mary also has been a freelance writer for newspapers in her area and has had articles published in magazines as well as online publications. A North Carolina resident, Mary and her husband have five children and 3 grandchildren. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys cooking, traveling, long walks and anything chocolate!


Caroline said...

Lovely memorable post. Your book covers looks fantastic too!

Mary Annslee Urban said...

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving week!

TNeal said...

Finished "She Came to See the Snow" this morning. Reading your story yesterday and early this morning helped me in writing mine today. Enjoyable read as was today's post.

Mary Annslee Urban said...

Thanks Tom! I'd love a review if you have the time!!
Happy Thanksgiving~~