Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still Riding the Road

By G. R. Holton

So your over 50 and gave up your motorcycle 25 years ago. I did the same thing because holding it up and riding for 20 – 30 miles became a chore. I saw a sight today that reminded me of why I enjoyed riding and how I can get back to it. I was sitting in a McDonald’s in town and I heard the familiar rumbling of motorcycles… not 2 or 3. There had to have been at least 30 trikes pulling into the parking lot. 

I was amazed.  It was then that I realized that none of the riders could have been younger than 60 years old. They all wore florescent yellow t-shirts that read, “The Restaurant Riders – Trying new restaurants’ one at a time”. It was a bikers club that was travelling the country in search of the next great meal.

My wife and I loved riding together, but as I got older it was too much of a hassle to be in pain riding. We missed those days of riding the back roads and finding ourselves lost until we wanted to be found again. I have checked out trikes lately and they have stereo systems, citizen band radio, intercoms to talk to each other, built in cell phone setups. These trikes are luxurious. They have extra wide seats and arms rests for the passenger. They are almost the size of a compact car making them a lot easier to be seen

So I went online and just started looking at trikes. You can find awesome deals from twenty thousand and above for great looking trikes, of course the nicest ones I saw were 2012 trikes fully loaded with all the bells and whistles for forty five thousand and less.

I know this posting has absolutely nothing to do with my writing and screenplays, but I know when my first movie comes to fruition you know where I am headed. You will find me at the Goldwing dealership looking for my trike. What a wonderful way to see the country now that you have the time to do so.

So if you find yourself hankering for a run on the road… wear bright colors and keep it between the lines.
G. R. Holton

About G. R. Holton
On a warm summer morning in 1962, G. R. Holton was born in a small town in Massachusetts and is the second eldest in a family of eight children. He is happily married and living in eastern Tennessee. He has two daughters, a son, a step-daughter and a step-son and is also the proud grandfather of four beautiful girls.
 G. R. took an interest in computer games to pass the time, and then one day he made a friend on one of those online games with chat that turned out to be a screenwriter and movie director. They became great friends and after a few weeks of talking, he met her husband online and hit it off quickly. He gave him a couple of his screenplays to read and he was hooked. He knew at that point he wanted to try writing.
One night, after days of not being able to come up with a story to write, he had a dream of three teens on another planet and in a cave. This was it; he knew what had to be done. He sat down at the computer and over the course of three months he had written his first book, “Soleri”. He knew he couldn’t stop there, so he continued writing and “Guardians Alliance” was born. He has also published a children’s picture book called, “Squazles” about not judging others and did the book design for Cameron Titus’s “A to Z book: A Habitat for Humanity Project”. His latest, “Deep Screams”, is a science fiction/horror/paranormal thriller that has become the Books and’s Best Science Fiction for 2011. G. R. has also won The Author’s Shows “50 Best Writers You Should be Reading for 2011”. All of G. R. Holton’s work can be found at all the internet book sale sites or on his website at His latest release is called, “Dragon’s Bow” a tale of sister vs sister and good vs evil.

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