Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Second Tuesday Blog Hop

Doubt, like tumbleweed,
  Ensnares the vision
  Resistance like friction
Not a cleansing blaze—rather raging insecurity  
Confidence flees
Flames frolic
 Laughing in false victory
Heaven’s manna rains
  The inferno extinguished
  Inspiration leaps reborn

And so goes the cycle…the idea erupts like a volcano, spilling hot energy across my mind…until I sit down to actually write. I suppose it’s akin to climbing a mountain…something else I’m inspired to do until I actually come face to face with the sheer magnitude of the height before me.

Inspiration may be the spark, but perspiration is what gets the job done…grit and determination…and yet another inspiration:


Consider the squirrel.
who scurries through snow-covered grass
gathering a winter supply
undeterred by chilly mornings

The sparrow sleeps upon a branch
content within the fortress of his wings
shielded from the midnight rain
When morning breaks he sings his song
though none may hear its resonance

Even the slug continues on
his pace nearly stagnant
toward his mysterious destination 
Yet there is a scheme in his existence

If the Maker
created these so small
resilient to nature’s tempers
why do we worry 
when buffeted by the gale?
Are we not more than these?


Patti Larsen said...

I love how you bring nature into this--does grass strain to grow? The wind have trouble blowing? Inspiration not only comes from nature but surrounds us in nature.

Great post! Thanks for sharing! And LOVE the squirrel...

Anonymous said...

You had me with the poetry! Love your inspiration. So true after inspiration, you need to perspire to get things done...Finding inspiration is like finding your first nugget of gold...then the fever grips you and you dig deeper and deeper, not caring about the cuts and bruises until you reach the large vein of gold at the heart of your nugget's resting place.
Lovely post.

alberta ross said...

oh def. the hard work comes after that flash of inspiration - liked the hare and the blog - thank you

Katie said...

Great take on inspiration! I love the poetry! And it is so important to continue on with that spark of inpiration. Leaving it alone and without determination will wilt inspiration!
Thank you for sharing this lovely post!!