Monday, August 2, 2010

Daddy I Felled

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).

The two-year old darted around the apartment like a butterfly in a flower garden, touching this and climbing that.

“Kaylee, get down. You’re going to get hurt,” the father repeatedly warned.

But Kaylee’s desire to explore her world proved insatiable. Every chair and stool proved to be a challenge waiting to be conquered.

“Kaylee, sit down now while I fix your soup,” the father said.

Kaylee scurried to her favorite chair. But while her father’s attention was turned away, she stood and rocked it, tumbling unto the floor with a loud bang. Her father rushed to her side.

Tears streamed her cheeks as she sobbed, “Daddy, I felled.”

Dad knew the fall was the child’s fault. In her stubbornness, she pursued the course of disobedience. But rather than chide, the father simply kissed her tears and said, “It’s alright, Kaylee. Daddy’s here now.”

From that moment on, Kaylee sat in her chair as a proper young lady should.

As I witnessed this father’s tender interaction, I thought of how many times I’ve tempted God with my disobedience, even though He has repeatedly warned me that I will fall if I’m not careful. How many times, have I run to Him with watered eyes, “Daddy, I felled.”

Yet, whenever I seek Him in my contrition, He picks me up, wipes away my tears, not condemning but loving, and reminds me He is always near.

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Dianiewill said...

I think being able to see the greater picture here is a gift. Every step we take is a journey, and every right, and every wrong, step is a lesson. When we know our creator (and our parents, and hopefully a few family members and friends) love us unconditionally, then we are able to listen to advice, to learn, and to step with confidence, moving forward in love and compassion ourselves. Thanks for the reminder that we are unconditionally loved, and always forgiven.

Carol McClain said...

Wow, Linda. Your writing is beautiful. We all go ahh at a little girl who says, "Daddy, I felled." Doesn't God say, "Ahh." When we fall.